5 Amazing Staycation Ideas For Summer 2021

If there’s one thing we can say for certain about Summer 2021, it’s that it’s got promise. After a very… weird summer last year, we’re all looking forward to a little bit of normality, a little bit of sun, and a whole lot of fun. This year, staycations are set to rise in popularity like never before, with Brits resolving to not stray too far away from their doorstep and support the tourism industry closer to home.

But if you’re used to travelling a bit less locally, you might not know where to go. Great Britain and Northern Ireland may be fairly small countries in comparison to the rest of the world, but we truly pack a lot into our limited space. Luckily, we adventure experts here at Gumbies have got some exciting travel ideas that don’t involve planes, passports, or too much packing!

Cruise the coast in Devon & Cornwall

At the westernmost part of England, the counties of Devon and Cornwall house the perfect combination of cosy little villages and exciting tourist destinations. Golden sandy beaches facing toward the Atlantic coast are ideal for surfers and sunbathers alike, and also ideal for you to slip on a pair of your favourite flip-flops!


There are plenty of restaurants, museums and galleries to keep you occupied on a greyer day (we all know you can never trust the weather in this country!). 

These two counties are almost synonymous with “British tourism”, and it’s perfectly clear why. Utterly charming and popular to boot.

Scenic views of The Lake District

Going as far in the opposite direction as possible without getting to Scotland (that’s yet to come), we bring you one of the most scenic settings in the whole country. With epic views, thrilling hikes and the iconic delicacy that is Kendal Mint Cake, there’s so much to love about this place.
Lake Windermere is the classic tourist destination and by far the most popular - a central point of the district with easy links to the other fifteen lakes. 
National parks, cycle trails and an abundance of gorgeous little towns and villages provide all you need for a fun adventure this summer. However, if you’re planning on visiting during the holidays, we’d recommend choosing one of the slightly less popular areas to stay.
Ullswater, Derwentwater and Coniston are smaller but definitely just as idyllic. Plus, if you’re a music festival fan, there’s always the spectacular Kendal Calling. 2021 might be sold out, but get on the waiting list - you might just strike it lucky!

High on life in Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands

One of the most beloved cities in the UK, there’s something distinctly special about a city break in Edinburgh that you can’t quite put your finger on until you’re there. Maybe it’s the gorgeous architecture, the historical Edinburgh Castle, or the charming cafes and bars dotted around the city centre.


With Edinburgh as your base, there are plenty of hiking trails and mountains to climb across the Scottish Highlands. Experience the beauty of Scotland with links to Glen Coe, The West Highland Way, and who can forget the tallest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis?! You’re truly spoilt for choice when it comes to finding spots of beauty up North.

Discover Quintessential Britain in Brighton

Nowhere else in the UK quite gets fun and festivities in the way that Brighton does. Whether you’re frolicking along the Brighton Pier, touring the Royal Pavilion, relaxing on the beach (in your Gumbies, of course), or celebrating at their famous Pride festival… Brighton really leans in on its classic British beach lifestyle in the best way possible. It’s almost impossible to walk down the beachfront without “I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside” popping into your head - it’s just that kind of place! 


If you’re a little more adventurous, there are a whole plethora of day trips to take advantage of, including excursions to South Downs, Seven Sisters, and the stately homes of Oxford and Windsor within close proximity. If you’re a fan of wines (who isn’t?!) then why not explore the vineyards and wineries of Sussex - yes they exist and yes they are amazing!

Celtic Camping in South Wales

For our final staycation idea, we’re heading to another little beach holiday spot and the ideal place for a family holiday. When it comes to camping, you could pitch a tent pretty much anywhere - so why specifically Wales? With miles and miles of unspoilt beauty, beaches within an arm's reach, and an abundance of fresh country air, there’s pretty much no better place to be this summer.


We’re thinking dog walking, cycling and hiking on this family staycation. Places like Tenby, Pembrokeshire, and of course the famous Barry are all beautiful locations to set up camp and live life a bit more naturally for a while. Enjoy the summer sun all day, and when it gets a bit nippy at night, light up a campfire and slip on your Brumby boots for a comfy and casual evening.

This past year has made our working week even more stressful, our lives have been put on hold and our phones have become an extension of our hands. Why not find a piece of heaven in the outdoors, turn your electronics off and disconnect from the world for a bit?!


This is only the very start of what the United Kingdom has to offer you this summer. As the sectors of travel and hospitality open up for the warmer months, the wonderful people of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are constantly coming up with exciting new ventures and things to try and do in Summer 2021. Here at Gumbies, we’re excited to see what our community gets up to over the coming months.

If you’re heading anywhere at all, we invite you to share your journey on social media and tag us with the hashtag “#GumbiesJourneys” - and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see where we’re heading to next!