Our Gumbies Store Displays

Our Gumbies Store Displays

You may have come across our colourful Gumbies store displays in your local retail store, or even at various tradeshow events around the world!

We’re proud to say that our stands are made from recycled materials! So, we thought we’d give you the low down on how we create a fabulous Gumbies store display stand

We have made sure to create our stands using PEFC-certified wood. PEFC-certified wood comes from sustainably managed forests from around the world. PEFC works to help prevent deforestation by ensuring that forests are kept in managed in line with strict international standards.

Gumbies Display 1 Gumbies Display 2 Gumbies Display 3
Our stands are portable! These wheels ensure that our stands can be easily moved to be moved around a store or moved around for the next tradeshow event. A recycled bicycle tyre is used to finish the edging.

For our stand header border, we have used recycled bicycle tyres!

Recycled rubber is a great material to work with, as it’s hard-wearing properties are beneficial for creating our Gumbies soles. Not only that, by recycling rubber, it helps to prevent tyres from being burnt, or thrown into a landfill! Each stand uses 1 ½ bicycle tyres, so to date we have recycled approx. 2,000 bicycle tyres for each of our stands!

For the stand header, laser wood engraving has been used to create to re-create the Gumbies logo.
Gumbies Display 4 Gumbies Display 5 Gumbies Display 6

Last and not least, this is the final result! Our eye-catching Gumbies footwear draws the customers eye to the stand. Our display stands can hold up to 120 pairs of Gumbies shoes!

Customer Photo of old Gumbies