Recycling Cotton - What environmental benefits does this have?

Here at Gumbies, we pride ourselves for using the best natural and eco-friendly recycled materials that we can use for our footwear ranges.

A lot of popular flip- flop brands are unfortunately still using materials such as PVC, plastic or non-recycled rubber as it is inexpensive to use.

We believed in trying not to use these materials where possible, simply because they cannot be easily recycled, and/or will not be able to break down if disposed.

"So why do you use recycled cotton"? You may ask.

Here are our top 5 reasons for why recycling cotton is beneficial not just for our products, but also for the environment;

1. Recycling one tonne of cotton can save up to 765 cubic metres of water.

2. It has an immediate benefit of preventing a build-up of textile waste in landfills.

3. Recycling textile waste avoids pollutants such as greenhouse gases from being produced during the process of creating fresh materials.

4. Donating clothing or textile materials are a massive benefit for other countries that have a much higher demand for clothing.

5. Recycled cotton makes for a great material in clothing or footwear, due to it's durability and softness.

We've utilised salvaged cotton from previous productions by putting them into our Gumbies 'Islander' and 'Corker' straps, as well as the DeckMate & Ozpadrille footwear range.



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