Ski Season 2022 - Alex & Charlotte's Top Travel Tips

With travel corridors opening up there's still time to hit the slopes this winter.

We ask Zermatt residents and Gumbies Ambassadors Alex & Charlotte how best to navigate the Covid chaos when travelling to the Alps.

First of all, how are you both and how is the ski season shaping up for you?

We’re both doing well, its been an absolutely crazy start to the season, with travel corridors back open it seems everyone is trying to make up for lost time in the mountains, which has been great!

How are things changing with the pandemic, are things looking better for people wanting to travel from the UK ?

In terms of travel, it’s really straightforward if you’re vaccinated, but it’s always best to check out the most up to date travel advice. In terms of skiing once you get to Zermatt, again if you are vaccinated (or recovered) then it’s like a normal skiing holiday, besides having to wear a mask on some lifts. If you’re not vaccinated then you won’t be able to eat inside at any restaurants, but you will be able to ski.

I'm sure lot's of people have been put off this year - what would you say to people wanting to travel from the UK ?

If you’re put off by the risk of Covid itself, I would say that things seem to be settling here in the mountains having said that everyone seems to still be taking things seriously with most businesses requiring their employees to test regularly and wear masks. If you’re put off by the added paperwork, there are loads of companies willing to help, either before you travel to the mountains or before you travel back home, so get in touch if you need a hand.

Tell us a little about your daily routine and how your Gumbies fit into that ?

Alex: My routine is to wake up, slide on my Outbacks while I make coffee and breakfast. Once I’m ready for skiing, it’s into the Brumby boots to get me to the ski room, which is outside of our main apartment building and often requires walking through fresh snow. Then it’s into ski boots and a full day with clients on the mountain. Then after skiing it’s the same but in reverse.

Charlotte: My Gumbies Outbacks are permanently on my feet at home. Whether I’m collecting post from outside, heading to the boot room to switch to ski boots, going downstairs to the laundry room or sitting on the balcony. I don’t always want to put shoes on to do those things so the hard sole of the slippers mean I don’t have too, and I can stay cosy and warm! The only problem is the puppy I look after loves them as much as I do 😂 

Bet it feels great slipping into Gumbies comfort at the end of the day :)

After a day in ski boots and -10ºC weather, Gumbies are like a warm hug for your feet.

I know you both have other stuff you work on asides from skiing - how are things shaping up ?

Things with The White Peak Collection have been going great. Back in autumn we released a run of Hand-Crocheted Headbands made by Charlotte which raised £200 for our friends, and favourite charity, Blackdog Outdoors. Besides that, we’ve also had lots of clients use our Free Travel Advice Service to help them with their trip to Zermatt and to help navigate all of the Covid restrictions and paperwork. It’s been great to see things grow. If you’d like to see what we’re up to you can find us at or @thewhitepeakcollection on Instagram.