Top 5 Summer destinations (to take your Gumbies to!)

1. Florida

This place is indeed the most magical, happiest and our most favourite place on earth! It’s been reported that you can walk an average 13-15,000 steps per day at each Disney or Universal park, so it’s highly recommended that you wear the best shoes during your visit.

Our Gumbies Deckmates are perfect for an active holiday such as this one, as they are extremely lightweight, weighing only 340g! Also, the memory foam insole helps to give added comfort for those on the move. 

2. Greece

Whether you’re looking to relax on the white sandy beaches, or you’re keen to explore the ancient ruins, Greece is the perfect destination to do both. The weather reaches it’s highest in July and will stay consistent throughout the month.

The Gumbies Islander flip-flops are perfect for exploring the incredible Greek islands – recycled rubber has been used for the sole for durability, and are specially shaped to follow the contours of the foot and the arch of the sole, as well as using EVA midsoles and cotton toe posts for extra comfort.

3. Majorca, Spain 

With cultural festivals, stunning outback scenery and world-class beaches, Majorca is guaranteed to impress just about anyone. June to August is a popular time to visit Spain, simply due to the hot weather! Also, this country has the lowest crime rate in Europe, so you can feel safe whilst on your travels!

Our Gumbies Ozpadrilles are great for wearing throughout the hot season; the natural canvas used in the upper material allows the feet to feel cool and comfortable and are also ultra-lightweight, weighing only 340g! 

4. Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Palm trees, white sandy beaches, coral reefs, this Caribbean nation has it all! Thanks to its rainy season, it’s warm all year round! The excursions are well worth taking up, as you’ll be able to explore the hidden waterfalls, or find the best coral reefs in the clear blue seas.

The Gumbies sliders are a perfect option for those who aren’t a fan of flip-flops; unlike traditional sliders, the Slider was specially shaped to follow the contours of the foot and the arch of the sole, as well as using EVA midsoles, allowing you to be comfortable throughout your travels!

5. Paris, France

The summer months are the best season to visit Paris especially; all the Parisians will be heading to the south of France during this time, allowing tourists to explore the city properly and to see all of the wonderful things that this city has to offer! If you’re looking for culture, you’re bound to find plenty of fascinating museums, wonderful cafes, and distinctive cuisines all on your doorstep.

There’s nothing worse than walking around with hot feet, but our Gumbies Corker flip-flops are great for allowing your feet to breathe! The cork material has breathable, anti-microbial properties, as well as the recycled rubber soles to ensure grip whilst you’re on the move.