5 tips for hitting the slopes this half term (the ‘Gumbies’ way!)

Whether you’re an avid skiing enthusiast, or you’re stepping onto the ice for the very first time, the half-term holiday in February is an ideal month for skiing due to the warmer climate and longer days.

Here are a few tips to help give you a stress-free skiing holiday;

1. Book your trip in advance!

February half-term is THE most popular month for skiing, but not just for us Brits- other European countries will also be heading for the slopes during this month too. So, we’d recommend that you’d start reserving everything in advance- from your ski boots to the evening meals at the chalet restaurants. This way you’ll be guaranteed that you won’t miss out and, you’ll save lots of money too!

2. Preparing your
ski gear

There’s nothing better than feeling organised and ready for the next day of adventure whilst on holiday. We’d recommend hanging up your ski clothing and gear to dry the night before, to avoid damp clothing, as well making sure that all of your skiing documents such as passes are in your pockets, ready for your next skiing adventure the next day.  

3. First time skiers

Take advantage of the expert ski instructors; not only will they teach you the basics of skiing, they’ll also be able to take you to the quietest spots for your lessons, so you can practise away from the crowds. 

2. Be an early riser!

The best way to start your day right is to avoid the queues if you can; hitting the ski lifts before, or at 9am is the best way to avoid all of the traffic, and you’ll enjoy more time on a less busier slope before the rush hour begins.  

5. Wear Gumbies slippers!

Gumbies Outback slippers are not just perfect for the indoors; they also make a practical outdoor shoe too. If you’re taking off your ski boots for the day, then slip on the Gumbies slippers and your feet will be kept warm and cosy for the rest of the day.

The anti-slip sole will stop you from slipping on the ice, and if they get a bit wet, they’ll just dry naturally anyway! More importantly, these have been made with 8 recycled plastic bottles and recycled rubber, so you’ll be doing your bit for the planet too!

Last but not least; you’ll need to make sure to pack the right essentials for your skiing trip,

as a jumper and a hat just won’t simply do;

Gumbies slippers!

Ideal for outdoor use, so you can ensure that your feet are warm and dry once you’ve taken off your ski boots.

Salopettes or ski trousers

Perfect for quick drying if you fall into the snow!

High- performance jacket

Quilted or fitted ‘down’ jackets are best.

Ski thermals

Usually worn under ski jackets


There’s nothing worse than the sunlight glare reflecting off white snow!

Ski Helmet

Head protection is a must, so make sure to select a good helmet! Also, these also classify as hand-luggage on certain flights, so you don’t need to worry about fitting these into your suitcase!


There’s nothing worse than cold hands!

Ski goggles

Ideal for protecting your eyes from harsh sunlight glare and harsh wind.

Sun cream

with a high SPF!

First aid kit

for all those bumps and scrapes!

Outback Slipper - Navy & Grey

Outback Slipper -
Grey & Charcoal

Outback Slipper - Navy & Pink

‘Gumbies Slippers are the perfect solution for me in Switzerland, getting me from my apartment to the boot room, sometimes walking through fresh snowfall. The hard soles make them practical, comfy and warm. There’s nothing better than slipping your feet straight into Gumbies after a full day on the slopes!’

- Alex Willard, Ski Instructor at Summit Ski School - Switzerland