Gumbies Ambassador Series: Dancing with Emily


You have recently shot our summer collection and it looked a lot of fun. How was the day and did you enjoy styling the new Gumbies collection?

The summer shoot was so much fun! The team was awesome and I really enjoyed exploring all the bright and colourful Gumbies styles. They're all SO comfy too!

As well as modelling, you also dance professionally. You have been involved in some incredible performances. Can you tell us a bit about your dance career and some of your favourite shows?

I've had the privilege of being part of numerous performances in my career - from entertaining guests on Princess Cruises to touring Europe and performing all over the UK. While I've enjoyed every show, one of my favourites would have to be touring with Party Like Gatsby. Sadly their tours have come to an end, but the experience of working with different acts and having a blast on stage every show was an absolute joy. Plus, the audiences were the best! As for favourite shows to watch, there are too many for me to decide, but I really just love musicals with big dance numbers - like Chicago or Legally Blonde!

Do you have a favourite dance style? As well as dancing professionally, do you still find time to dance for yourself ?

Yeah, I still make sure to carve out time for dancing just for me. Jazz dance is definitely my top pick, especially Fosse style. I also have a soft spot for Charleston and Tap, which I practice regularly for the vintage events and shows I take part in. I find myself gravitating towards jazz classes the most when I dance for myself, but I make sure to keep up with all dance styles to stay versatile.

How does your lifestyle align with Gumbies core values? Our brand embodies simplicity, necessity, and most importantly, the essence of freedom. Can you describe a situation where these qualities were particularly beneficial to you?

Having a job that involves wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes all the time can really take a toll on your feet. That's why I'm grateful for my Gumbies - they're a much-needed relief during my breaks. With the sunny weather here, I'm excited to wear them more often, especially when I'm strolling along the seafront with my dog.