The features and benefits of Cork

"Isn't cork just for wine?" you may ask. 

No - you'd be surprised to hear that cork has many beneficial properties that can be used in fashion items, such as; handbags, phone cases, jewellery, shoes and much more. 

"What makes this such a special material?"

Well, tree cork has many wonderful natural properties within the material such as; elasticity, thermal control, anti-microbial, water-resistance and strong durability.  

Gumbies 'Corker' Flip-Flops


"Does this cause any environmental damage?"

Once a cork tree reaches 25 years old, it can be stripped of its bark without damaging the tree every 9 – 12 years. After each harvest, this causes the tree to regenerate and to grow new cork. It's a safer and more sustainable way of keeping the trees alive.

Also, during it's regeneration process, it absorbs approx over 73 tons of CO2 which usually contribute towards green house gases. These are very smart trees indeed!

   Gumbies Corker Flip-Flops


So this is why we invented the Gumbies 'Corker' flip-flop, to adding other recycled materials such as salvaged cotton and recycled rubber to produce a comfortable, sustainable and eco- friendly flip-flop for everyone.

Gumbies Corker Flip-Flops