Scrambler Sandals - Men's - Black

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Recycled Gumtread™ Rubber Outsole

Thick Comfort EVA Footbed

Recycled PET Straps

Plants 1 mangrove tree in Africa The tree planting operations provide crucial income to local communities. You can track your impact after purchase.
Ready to head off the beaten track? Gumbies™ Scrambler sandals have the support you need to take on the wilderness. All you need is a hunger for adventure!

DURABLE OUTER SOLE - our Gumtread™ recycled rubber outsoles are flexible, durable and provide a tyre-like grip for whatever terrain you might encounter. Biodegradable jute fibres reinforce and preserve the integrity of the rubber, so the adventure keeps on going year after year.

FEATHER-LIGHT FOOTBED - the Scrambler's EVA foot bed is thick and springy yet super-soft and feather-light, ensuring the only challenge on your journey is deciding when to stop exploring!

SUPPORT FOR YOU & THE EARTH - a secure and durable adjustable strap system fashioned from recycled PET plastic provides the foot with maximum stability and support for on and off-road adventures. This second-life material ensures comfortable skin-contact and reliable construction that never compromises planet-kindness.

Hike, bike, and adventure in confidence wherever the trail takes you, in the Scrambler sandal.

Customer Reviews

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Nic M.
Not for me

I hate sandals! But thought i would try again. I saw the Gumbies and thought 'they look like the might do what i want in a sandle'...close to my to contact, stylish (as stylish as sandals can be), able to move agile wise and simply better than previous ones.

Sadly not the case, the front keeps getting caught on pavement or steps as i walk, so the sole keeps kicking back causing me to almost fall over.

Maybe im just not cut out for them.

Danny H.
Love , love , love

These sandals are amazing! If you like feeling barefoot you have got to get some of these 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Very comfy

My only complaint is that they don't offer a size for wider feet

Andrew L.
Just great!

I never take the sandal off. They are so comfortable, I can walk all day for miles and they never feel painful. Really really great pair of sandals! Just more colour options needed for men!

Brian E.

Very pleased with the feel and look of the sandals.
I would like an improvement to the triangle of plastic at the ankle. But not sure how to improve it.

Recycled Plastic

Scrambler straps are made from rPET (recycled plastic bottles). The strap in system provides maximum stability and support.


We chose recycled rubber as the base material for our innovative outsoles with the dual purpose of flexibility and durability in mind. This second-life material avoids the need for further rubber farming, which often involves environmentally damaging forest clearance.

Stand For A Tree

With each purchase of Gumbies flip-flops, a mangrove tree is planted in Mozambique, Madagascar or Kenya. Mangrove trees specifically are enriching to the environment due to their ability to store up to 4 times the amount of carbon of other trees.

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